The Power of Mandalas

“I awaken to the power of the mandala,
A sacred circle of light and energy,
A pathway to center—to my center and to the universal All,
A channel for healing body, mind, and spirit” 

Mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. Circles appear all around us in nature and are powerful symbols in cultures throughout world history. They represent unity, harmony, continuity, and connection.

Mandalas are used to facilitate meditation and assist with healing. They have the power to promote relaxation, enhance your body’s creativity, and balance the body’s energies. From the sacred center of the mandala comes infinite possibilities and unlimited potential.

I had the experience of designing and painting my own mandala the other day. I was able to express my desires for healing and wellness in my mandala. Stephanie Joyce, an expert yogi and meditator, filled me great motivation and encouragement when she said that there is no wrong way to draw a mandala. There are no specific rules, or boundaries. I was able to use self-expression and my inner creativity. I felt very relaxed while painting the mandala, and was able to balance my body, mind, and spirit.

Below are pictures of the mandalas that I created, along with others that Lexie Soro and Grace Brown painted.



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